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THE Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has warned against taking Covid-19 tests from centres that have not been recommended by the Ministry of Health.

ZAMRA senior public relations officer, Christabel Illiamupu said it’s important for people to take Covid-19 tests from the nearest health facility with testing kits that have been recommended by the health authorities.

Ms. Illiamupu said in an interview that the only way the public could be assured of correct Covid-19 results is by seeking such services from the health facilities.

She said it’s possible that there are Covid-19 testing kits being used by some people which have not been tested by ZAMRA especially those that might have been imported illegally.

“This is punch time for people to make quick money so we advise the people to ensure that if they want to undertake Covid-19 tests, they should go to health facilities which are authorised to do such tests,” she said.

Ms. Illiamupu warned the public to be wary of unscrupulous people taking advantage of the pandemic to make quick money as has been observed with the influx of pharmacies selling unauthorized medicines as Covid-19 treatment.

And Ms. Illiamupu has rubbished reports that the rapid antigen being used in the health facilities have not been approved by ZAMRA.

She challenged those questioning the safety and efficiency of the rapid antigen testing kits to produce evidence to back their claims.

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