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LET Mr Clement Tembo come out of hiding place and report to police people threatening his life, Police spokesperson Rae Haamonga, has said.

And Mr Haamonga said he was not aware that there were attempts to arrest MrTembo for an unknown case, adding that the police can only arrest a person who had committed a crime.

He was reacting to claims by Mr Tembo, the Patriotic Front candidate for the forthcoming Kabwata Parliamentary by-elections, that there was a plot by some political opponents to abduct or eliminate him so that he did not appear on the ballot paper.

He said in an interview that police can only move in to pursue those allegedly plotting to abduct or kill Mr Tembo if he made a formal complaint.

“Since he is saying some people want to kill him, let him report to any nearest police, unlike rushing to the media. Since he knows them, let him go and report them to police so that the culprits can be followed,” Mr Haamonga said.

On claims that there were plans to arrest him on flimsy grounds just to ensure that he did not take part in the by-election, Mr Haamonga expressed ignorance about that.

Last week, Mr Tembo said he had gone into hiding until fresh nominations for fear of abduction or probably being eliminated because his political rivals were hell bent on silencing him

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