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PEOPLE coming for the Inauguration ceremony tomorrow must be mindful not to cause any disturbances because police will be on stand by for any criminal elements, Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has warned.

Ms Katongo said those who plan to take advantage of the Inauguration ceremony to commit offences would be met with force.

Speaking in an interview, Ms. Katongo said that people should not get excited and disturb the peace in Lusaka.

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She said that both motorists and pedestrians should also be cautious as there would be traffic around the city of Lusaka.

Ms. Katongo also warned the general public against damaging both private and public property.

She said that officers would be deployed to look out for those who would want to cause confusion.

Ms Katongo advised the general public to avoid gatherings and celebrating at shopping malls and business centers as criminal minded people would take advantage to loot shops.

“Everyone has the right to celebrate the ceremony irrespective of political affiliation because the President is the President of the whole country hence no one should be victimized for taking part in the celebrations.

“Love should lead the way it was during the elections. We should continue being a beacon of peace on the continent and the world over, “she said.

The government has announced that the presidential inauguration for President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema will be held at Heroes Stadium on Tuesday.

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