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Bill 10 is dead, not coming back – minister


BILL 10 will not be coming back to Parliament after fail- ing to meet the two thirds majority.

Justice minister, Mulambo Haimbe said that the UPND would start a fresh con- stitutional reform process through a consultative process.

He said the fresh constitu- tional reforms would be in tandem with the needs of the Zambian population.

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Mr Haimbe said during the Sunday Interview pro- gramme on ZNBC that the people of Zambia would have to decide whether to use a commission or technical committee to reform their supreme law of the land.

He said any constitutional reform done would be driven by the people and that it was important that it was consen- sus driven.

‘’A lot of work has been done but we want to ensure that the process walks side by side with the aspirations of the people of Zambia,’’ he said.

He said the Government wanted to work with the aspi- rations of the people of Zam- bia but that it was too early to disclose which route they would use.

Mr Haimbe also said that the introduction of the fast truck court was not a witch hunt of leaders in the previ- ous regime.

He said the move was just aimed at recovering what was stolen by individuals and to ensure that such proceeds were not taken out of the country.

Mr Haimbe said there must be need to send the bill of rights to a referendum as part of the constitutional making process.

Bill 10 failed to garner the support of two-thirds of Members of Parliament as UPND MPs walked out of Parliament.

The bill required 111 votes to pass but only managed to get 105 yes votes.

Bill 10 had serious elements that included delimitation, representation of women and youths, and the disabled in Parliament, including further issues affecting the Traditional Leaders.

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