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Recruitment of teachers by the government a welcome move

Dear editor,

The government through the Ministry of General Education recently recruited more than 1,000 teachers across the country. This follows the job advertisement for teachers which was done some time back.

The recruitment of teachers is welcome. This is because the recruitment exercise will ultimately put more money in the pockets of the recruited teachers and st least reduce the number of unemployed teachers.

However, the recent recruitment of teachers by the Ministry of General Education has elated the Teaching Council o

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Colleges and universities have been churning graduate teachers year in year out without being employed by the Ministry of General Education. It is true that the number of recruited teachers is not quite big but, it has somehow mitigated the unemployment levels of teachers.

The good part is that some differently abled teachers have been employed by the Ministry of General Education. My fervent wish is that more teachers should be recruited. To actualise the employment of more teachers, there is need for the donors and other stakeholders to come on board and donate money towards the recruitment exercise.

Moving forward; I implore the government through the Ministry of Finance to allocate more money to the education sector as the Minister of Finance presents the national budget in October. More funding to the Ministry of Finance is the way to go in a bid to recruit more teachers.

The trained teachers resort to seek employment from the private schools just to enable these teachers put food on the table. The unfortunate part is that these are exploited by bring poorly remunerated. This is a violation of the labour laws by the private school owners. This does not augur well.

It is clear that schools in rural areas don’t have adequate teachers to meet the educational needs of the pupils. On this score, it is appropriate for the United Party for National Development (UPND) to deploy a good number of the recruited teachers to the remote areas.

All said and done,I wish to extol the government for recruiting some teachers and the move is welcome.



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