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Cameroon’s JBwai advises musicians not to depend on music only


CAMEROONIAN Afro beats artiste songwriter, performer and music producer JBwai born Michael Baiye, says musicians should stop depending only on music but also establish some businesses.

Speaking in an exclusive interview JBwai, who is planning to do some works with selected Zambian artistes has advised that it’s high time artistes engaged themselves in business and invested in things that would make them billionaires.

 JBwai says he is extremely saddened to see artistes especially in Africa who go from being bosses to beggars because of lack of planning and investing wisely when they have money.

“Actually, it’s not just musicians and people in the entertainment business but everyone. People need to plan for the future, ” he advised.

“I’m currently working, doing business and doing music because I won’t be singing for the rest of my life.”

Meanwhile, JBwai has described Zambian music as ‘top notch’.

“I fell in love with the sounds when I first heard  Roberto’s ‘Amarula’ song, I was playing it for almost a whole year, put my whole family on too. But little did I know that Mampi was from Zambia as well, ‘Walilowelela’ was a big hit in Cameroon when I was younger,” he said.

“I even knew how to sing the song without even knowing what it meant. Also artistes like Yo Maps and T-Low are very good and very talented artistes that I listen to a lot. “

 JBwai says he would love a collaboration with Roberto.

” A collab with him will mean a lot to me,” said JBwai.

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