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‘Elections are over, support progressive UPND policies’

‘Elections are over, support progressive UPND policies’


LET us put elections behind and join hands in support of progressive policies of the new administration, veteran politician Katele Kalumba has said.

Dr Kalumba said hate speech, violence and advocacy for inequitable treatment should not have place in this decision Zambians made to change political leadership to govern them with their consent. 

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Dr Kalumba said there was need to change the narrative and move together for the betterment of the country.

“There are winners and there are losers as a result of the just ended general elections albeit to say there are many pending petitions in the courts of law. The majority of petitions are from UPND, the winners. It’s a kind of paradox. The petitioners have not accepted loss. This is what I would call the Donald Trump syndrome in politics,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said Zambians have succeeded in transferring power from PF to the UPND. “President Hakainde Hichilema is now our Republican leader for all Zambians,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said President Hichilema was now responsible for the lives of all Zambians.

“No one region must claim victory for him or seek remedies to past injuries real or perceived through him because they believe he is their own kind. That is undemocratic,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said it was important for the head of State to inspire all Zambians through his administration’s policies for all the citizen.

He said it was anti-politics to hold the view that, “it is our time to eat. There is no private meal here.”

Dr Kalumba said it was the collective will of Zambians to confront those perceived governance and developmental challenges that led them to vote for “Bally” as the seventh President of the Republic.

“A loss breeds grief. The grieving process should be over now. Victory breeds euphoria, energy that needs to be controlled to avoid political hysteria and possible violence. We are One Zambia, One Nation under God. A Christian Nation,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said Zambia should remain a peaceful country that believes in the fundamental values of a democratic state.

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