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THE new Government’s resolve to implement aggressive socio-economic policies as progressive, says Ndola based corporate executive Andrew Kalima.

Mr Kalima said the UPND Government policies were in line with the ambitious developmental agenda, which emphasizes more on allocating resources towards investment rather than consumption expenditure. He said the Zambian economy was in dire straits and that the UPND was wellplaced to drive the growth agenda in order to revive the economy.

Mr Kalima said reviving the national economy through implementation of progressive policies and programmes would help stabilize business and attract investment inflows. He appealed to all well-meaning Zambians to support Government’s agenda of reviving the economy over the next five years.

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Mr Kalima said increased copper production from the current 800,000 tonnes per annum to between two and three million tonnes would significantly boost foreign exchange earnings and in turn improve the living standards of all Zambians.

He noted that free education and devolution of more funds from central Government to districts and constituencies was a well-thoughtout strategy. Government, he said, had also pledged to promote value-addition in all minerals extracted in various parts of the country rather than exporting raw minerals.

Mr Kalima was impressed that Government would overhaul and improve the agriculture policies with emphasis increase output and reduce on imports. “With all the resources, as a country, we are able to create jobs in various industries through processing of produce and other items the country offers to the global market. “The new leadership has promised that the country will ensure no National Budget would be swallowed up by debt servicing and payments of salaries and wages of civil servants,” he added.

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