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…suspends sale of Kalomo farmer’s cattle
PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyers have written to the Sheriff of Zambia to suspend the execution of the writ of fi’fa against a Kalomo farmer who has failed to settle more than K2 million in legal costs.
The President has since invited the apologetic Misheck Hambwalula and his family to have the matter resolved amicably.
Mr Hambwalula sued Mr Hichilema in the Livingstone High Court accusing him of having stolen their family farms in Kalomo.
He however lost the case and was condemned to pay Mr Hichilema K2,256,322.53.
Mr Hambwalula has failed to pay a single Ngwee and has pleaded for the President’s forgiveness.
When he failed to pay, the court sent bailiffs to his farm where they seized the animals and a Toyota land Cruiser
According to a letter dated September 8,2021 , Mr Hichilema through his lawyer, Marshal Muchende has asked the Sheriff of Zambia not to proceed to execute the fi’fa by seizing Mr Hambwalula’s cattle and other property.
“We advise that you suspend execution of the writ of Vide article 98(2) of the Constitution of Zambia Act no.2 of 2016.
In addition to the above the plaintiff has since apologised and the Republican President (who is the defendant) has called on the family to meet to resolve the issues amicably,” read the letter.

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