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Lets deliver, people are waiting,” says Wusakile MP

IT is irresponsible and waste of time for elected leaders at various levels to continue harbouring bitterness and hatred against each other when people are waiting for them to fulfil the numerous campaign promises they made ahead of the August 12 elections, Wusakile Member of Parliament (MP) Pavyuma Kalobo has said.

Mr Kalobo said a responsible and caring leader will put issues of election campaigns behind him and then set the stage to fulfil campaign promises in order to prove critics wrong, and in the process, gain and hold the confidence of the people.

Mr Kalobo was speaking at the weekend in Chimpalampala area of Lima Posa ward when he commissioned a Hammer Mill and donated a bicycle to Chimpalampala Youth Cooperative.
Mr Kalobo said, the bicycle will be used as a means of transport whenever the hammer mill broke down and the committee wanted to go somewhere to look for spare parts.

“As Wusakile MP, I know that campaigns are over and I have to get down to work and deliver campaign promises. The issue of the Hammer Mill is one of the issues I promised and I thought I should deliver it today. In my small and humble way, I will try my best.

“Any elected leader must not waste time fighting perceived political opponents, but must thank the people for showing confidence by electing him and then move further to deliver his or her campaign promises,” Mr Kalobo said.

And in response, Chimpalampala Youth Cooperative Chairman Patrick Samondela said he was grateful that the MP had already set the stage in fulfilling his campaign promises through the donation of the Hammer Mill and a bicycle.
Mr Samondela said the people in the area will always support Mr Kalobo because he was a determined man who was set to bring development in the area.

“We have a hard working MP in Mr Kalobo who always fulfils his campaign promises. So, on this hammer mill, we are so grateful and it will be guarded jealously. This is not my personal hammer mill , but for the cooperative hence let us look after it,” Mr Samondela said.

And some women talked to, said the commissioning of the hammer mill in the area by the area MP will reduce their walking distance to nearby hammer mills in Zamtan and Kakolo areas.

Peggy Mwanamoyo and Mandalena Chileshe said the women in the area used to walk to far flung areas like Zamtan and Kakolo areas to seek services of the hammer mill, but with the hammer mill done by Mr Kalobo, things will be much easier.

“These are the MPs we want who deliver on their campaign promises instead of just talking or hiding from the electorate. Mr Kalobo is always there to fix problems being faced by people. He is always there and he is an honest, fair, courageous and mature MP,” Ms Chileshe said.

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