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HH and friends practicing daylight banditry of national resources – Silavwe


GOLDEN Party of Zambia (GPZ) president Jackson Silavwe has said news that President Hakainde Hichilema and his co-accused persons will be paid K6.4 million each by the Attorney General in the treason case is nothing but white collar plunder of national resources by those wielding state power.

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Mr Silavwe said it was extremely nauseating that the humble Republican President and his friends could stoop so low so as to collect money from the state they were heading and leading when the majority of Zambian people were suffering and complaining about the high cost of living and doing business.

“This is a strong indication that something is seriously amiss with President Hichilema and the UPND’s leadership of the country. 

This is nothing but broad day light banditry of national resources justified by law. 

This is below par leadership and extremely reckless,” he said.He said in white collar 

plunder of national resources such as being witnessed, individuals with state power hide in state processes to access as much public money as possible to satisfy their perceived grievances. 

Mr Silavwe said Zambia was being looted by the President and his friends using the law and they must be stopped.



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