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Medicinal cannabis project on cards – Lufuma 

GOVERNMENT stands ready to embark on cultivation of medicinal cannabis for exportation but awaits the enforcement order to begin implementation of the project, Minister of Defence Ambrose Lufuma has said.

Mr Lufuma said what remained was for the Ministry of Health to get on board and to grant authority for the Ministry of Defence to start implementating the project.

Mr Lufuma said in an interview Government had already identified partners willing to support the project.

The minister said successful implementation of the project would contribute to economic growth of the country.

In the February last year, the Zambia National Service (ZNS) had identified three areas for cannabis plantations.

ZNS Commandant Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi said that the defence wing planned to set up cannabis plantations in Mwense district of Luapula province, Kabompo district in North-Western Province and Namwala district in Southern Province.

Gen.  Solochi said each plantation was expected to create 1,000 jobs for local people in each of the three districts.


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