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THE new government should not completely discard the constitutional amendment Bill 10 because it has clauses that can benefit the country, says the Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ).

ICOZ president, David Masupa, in an interview said that he was part of the team that scrutinised the Bill and that it has constructive aspects that would develop the country.

He said he did not want to contradict the minister but that he understood the Bill from an informed perspective.

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Bishop Masupa was reacting to the recent sentiments by the new Minister of Justice, Mr Mulambo Haimbe that Bill 10 would not be taken back to parliament because it was not good for Zambians.

The minister said the UPND government would start new constitutional reforms that would be in tandem with the wishes of the Zambians.

But Bishop Masupa said that even if they were to discard Bill 10 completely, there would be need to revisit and make reference to the document for the new government to fine tune the constitution.

“I have reservations about the minister’s comment.  I hope they can refer to it to get a thing or two from it in a bid to come up with a new constitution,” he said.

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