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DETAINED PF cadre, Innocent Kalimanshi, and four others have been sued for allegedly swindling a Lusaka resident of K245, 000 over a piece of land in Chisamba.

Mr Diamond Mushota wants the Lusaka High Court to order Mr Kalimanshi, who is in police custody facing drug trafficking charges, Nathan Phiri, Evans Mwanza, Capson Mwanza and Chola Chishimba to pay back the K245, 000 he gave them for 100 hectares of land, which deal has not materialised.

Mr Mushota is also demanding interest on the same amount.

This is according to a statement of claim filed in court on Wednesday.

Mr Mushota stated that in October last year, the five offered for sale land measuring approximately 500 hectares in Chisamba.

On October 15, the same year, Mr Mushota entered into an agreement to buy 100 hectares at K582, 000.

On the same day, Mr Mushota paid in cash K55, 000 upon agreeing the sale price which amount Mr Kalimanshi and the other four claimed included the survey fees.

Mr Mushota also paid K103, 000 in cash on October 22 which amount was acknowledged by Mr Evans Mwanza, Mr Capson Mwanza and Mr Chola Chishimba.

In the same month, he additionally paid K87, 000 bringing the total to K245, 000.

Mr Mushota stated that upon the total payment of K245, 000, he requested for the letter of offer as agreed to start the process of securing a certificate of title but to date, the defendants have refused or neglected to produce the letter.

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