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THE Lusaka City Council has warned that it will revoke any trading license for bars and night clubs which will be found disregarding the Covid_19 measures that have been put in place by government.

Lusaka Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa said the Covid_19 guidelines were still in effect and that the local authority does not expect to see people disregarding them with impunity.

Mr Mwansa said the council had come up with drastic measures including in markets were marketers were asked to wear face masks, observe social distance and hand wash or using the hand sanitizers.

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He said there was need to take precautions seriously therefore, the local authority would not entertain any person operating outside the stipulated time frame.

Mr Mwansa warned that LCC public health department in conjunction with the ministry of health will be working hand in hand and carry out impromptu visits at any public places.

And Mr Mwansa said that restaurants including other eating places would also not be spared as they were expected to operate on a take away basis.

He noted that some places in Central Business District as well as in other communities had been abrogating the guidelines with impunity.

“The Covid_19 guideliness are still in effect and anyone that will be found waiting the authority will not hesitate to revoke or suspend the trading license especially to bar and night club owners,” said Me Mwansa.

The Bars and night clubs have continued to ignore covid-19 regulations despite looming the threat of a vicious 4th wave.

And more than 10 licenses were revoked well others suspended for disregarding the regulations of Covid-19 by the ministry of health.

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