AN agreement aimed at improving communication service provision to the investors at the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ) has been signed by the Zone management and Zamtel.

Under this agreement, Zamtel will also provide bulk internet services and intergraded services digital network and data connectivity.

This will be provided on wholesale price as well as distribution of internet service and provision of bulk landlines to LS-MFEZ investors.

The agreement will also embolden the LS-MFEZ resolve to deliver quality and sustainable internet services to all investors within LS-MFEZ zone, says LS-MFEZ managing director Kennedy Mwila at the signing ceremony yesterday.

Mr Mwila said the agreement would include provision to bulk internet and data connectivity on wholesale price, distribution of internet service and provision of bulk landlines to all LS-MFEZ investors.

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“LS-MFEZ has since seen increasing uptake of land for investments and so far, the zone is host to about 54 companies, 14 of whom are operational with yet another 14 at construction stage while the rest are yet to start,” he said.

He said this has since helped LS-MFEZ to create about 4,800 permanent jobs and once all the industries become operational more jobs will be created.

Mr Mwila said the agreement further translated into LS-MFEZ buying bulk internet to on-board investors.

He explained that the commercial terms of the agreements would broaden its financial base or portfolio making the company much more financially sustainable than before.

“This agreement speaks to the deliberate intention of parent company to promote more inter group company transactions, therefore the marketing and distribution of this service will be through the LS- MFEZ limited who will collaborate with Zamtel,” Mr Mwila said.

And, Zamtel Managing Director, Sydney Mupeta, said the signing of the agreement with LS-MFEZ would add value to the importance of the economic Zone and attract more investors who would enjoy such facilities.

Mr Mupeta said Zamtel would provide the services to LS- MFEZ in wholesale or bulk basis.

“The new partnership will entail that LS- MFEZ will be able to provide more services offered by Zamtel to the already existing and new investors.

“LS-MFEZ is one of the companies that has continued to support Zamtel by contracting a number of services that include internet, fixed and mobile voice communication for its employees.

“Therefore, the agreement is a long term partnership and will see the two companies thrive in the areas and of technology and innovation,” he said.

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