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Greedy Bembas worry chief


THE proliferation of political parties from the Bemba stronghold is a dangerto peace and unity in the country because this is driven by selfish interests, Chief Chikwanda of Mpika has said.

Chief Chikwanda said the greed and insatiable appetite for power being exhibited by some Bemba politicians was worrying. 

He wondered why Bemba politicians would fail to work together and attributed this to being power hungry. 

Chief Chikwanda said politicians from Southern Province have shown
that they were united and cooperating to achieve their desired goals. 

He pointed out that Bemba politicians were dividing votes by working in isolation through the formation of several political parties fighting to bring each other down out of bitterness. 

Chief Chikwanda said the intentions for the formation of some political parties were selfish as the aim was just to fight opponents. 

“You will never find Southerners creating 2, 3
or 4 political parties, they have maintained one party because they do not want
to divide the vote. This proliferation of political parties is not happening in Southern and other provinces but
only in Bemba regions. It’s because of greed and power hungry politicians,” he said. 

Chief Chikwanda warned that the divisions that the Bemba politicians were encouraging among themselves were a danger. 

He advised Bemba politicians to reconcile and learn to fight for common aspirations together and in unity. 

Chief Chikwanda said mere differences among political leaders should not lead to national disunity. 

Recently, The Bemba Paramount Chief, ChitimukuluMwinelubemba warned that Bembas would cry if they
did not vote wisely and in huge numbers. The chief was speaking against voter apathy and compared his region to the Southern province where he said people voted in huge numbers. 

Chishimba Kambwili is now leading the National Democratic Congress,Harry Kalaba is president of Democratic Party, Charles Chanda (UPPZ) , Peter Chanda (National Congess Party), Peter Sinkamba, Green Party, Nevers Mumba, the MMD, CozmoMumba, NRP and former Finance minister, Felix Mutati reportedly planning to form his own party.


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