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Milupi takes RDA to task over ‘overpriced’ road projects

Milupi takes RDA to task over ‘overpriced’ road projects


INFRASTRUCTURE, Housing, and Urban Development Minister, Charles Milupi yesterday took to task the Road Development Agency (RDA) management on why road construction was expensive in Zambia compared to other countries.

Mr Milupi demanded that the RDA senior management should explain why construction of a kilometre road in Zambia costs more than $1 million.

According to the ministry public relations officer Jeff Banda, Mr Milupi said this in Lusaka yesterday when he met RDA senior management in his familiarisation programme.

“Brief me or convince me as to why road construction in Zambia costs in excess of US$1, 000, 000 per kilometre. This is far more expensive than other countries in the region. 

“The people of Zambia and President Hakainde Hichilema are not happy and I am equally not happy with this current status quo. This must change,” Mr Milupi said.

He said that it was the same high costs of road and bridge construction that had made Zambians to have a negative perception of RDA.

He said the undesirable perception must change, stating that RDA should chang the way it conducts its business.

Meanwhile, RDA director and chief executive officer George Manyele explained that the costing of roads was based on numerous factors such as currency risks and importation of materials.

Mr Manyele said delay in paying contractors also leads to the cost of road construction to increase.

He however said the RDA was also not happy and was taking pro-active steps to ensure that the cost of road construction was reduced.

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