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POOR policy implementation has affected the growth of the country’s petroleum sector, Oil Marketing Companies Association of Zambia (OMCAZ) President Kafula Mubanga has said.

Dr Mubanga said government should ensure that local fuel transporters were given priority when awarding fuel transportation contracts.

He said empowering local fuel transporters and suppliers would help grow the capacity of local firms and create jobs for Zambians.

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Dr Mubanga said giving priority to local firms would help promote skills transfer that will help grow the economy.

“Many policies that tend to address the challenges in the petroleum sector have not been implemented.

“There are so many good policies that were meant to build capacity of local fuel suppliers and transporter but they were ignored by the previous administration. The 50 per cent supply for indigenous Zambians was one of the good policies that were not properly implemented,” Dr Mubanga said.

He said the policy had failed to bring about trickle down effects to the general citizenry due to poor implementation.

“It was important that government takes the 50 per supply for Zambian owned companies seriously if the economy should grow,” he said.

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