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THE Patriotic Front (PF) has pledged to support any plan by the new administration to increase budgetary support to the education and health sectors so that more teachers and nurses can be employed.

He said the many unemployed teachers and nurses are waiting for the UPND government to employ them as per campaign promise during the August 12, general election.

“We will support the increase in the budget to the Ministry of Education and other sectors so that more teachers and nurses can be employed by the UPND government,” he said. 

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Meanwhile, Mr Mundubile said in future political parties should desist from the temptation of campaigning on fake promises that they cannot achieve.

He said what is happening now where the UPND is failing to honour its promises after being elected to power should be a lesson to all political players.

Mr Mundubile said the speech by the President is a total departure from what the UPND promised the people because it failed to inspire the citizens who voted for them.

He said the youth, the unemployed teachers, unemployed nurses and many Zambians are wondering what is going on because this is not what they voted for and feel cheated.

Mr Mundubile explained that political parties campaigned based on their manifestoes and that the UPND was voted into power on the basis of what they promised and should fulfill that what they promised like the provision of free education and creation of jobs.

He said the miners on the Copperbelt are questioning what the position of Government on the issue of KCM and  Mopani Mines is, if the country is going to give up on running these mines or give them to foreigners.

Mr Mundubile suggested that the President should have given a clear policy direction on the mining sector because the economy of Zambia is anchored on the sector.

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