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By Mukwima Chilala
About fifty people descended on the PF secretariat while the party vice president was having a press briefing, threatening to disrupt it.
The group was however frustrated by another group of PF cadres that were manning the secretariat and the subsequent presence of police on the scene.
The cadres later retreated and promised to come back.
Towards the end of the briefing, Lubinda told journalists gathered that he had received text warning him and party members of their planned attack on those that were gathered at the secretariat.
During the press briefing, vice president Given Lubinda challenged the UPND to stop the violence being orchestrated by its members on PF supporters.
Lubinda said the continued silence by the UPND leadership meant the UPND leadership had sanctioned the violent behaviour of its cadres on the PF supporters, most of whom were in hiding.
Lubinda said he wanted President Hakainde Hichilema to prove to him that he would uphold the rule of law as he assured at every given fora, by first stopping the violence being perpetrated by his supporters.
And Lubinda said his party had been vindicated for not attending the National Ecumenical Thanks Giving Prayers for Peaceful Elections organised by church mother bodies because it was politically divisive.
A video emerged again in which a group of suspected UPND cadres are taking turns in torturing a suspected PF cadre.
We are unable to post the video due to its violent and obscene nature.
In the video, the armed cadres are seen taking turns in whipping a suspected PF cadre barely dressed on his buttocks, while lying on the ground.
The victim is also asked to chant the UPND slogan ‘Zambia Forward’ while he is been spanked.
The cadres in the 2-3 minutes video clip also dictate insults that their victim is later ordered to address the former President Edgar Lungu with.
Their target is also asked to apologise to President Hakainde Hichilema and pledge allegiance.
They repeatedly order their suspect to insult the former President Lungu, to which he obliges.
Earlier another video emerged were a PF cadres famously known as ‘Rasta’ was been assaulted in similar fashion.

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