UNLIKE our colleagues in the UPND who while in the opposition always walked out of Parliament, we will stay on to debate and find solutions to the many challenges facing the country, PF Mandevu MP, Christopher Shakafuswa has said. In the last Parliament, UPND Members of Parliament on several occasions walked out of the house in protest, especially during debates on the flopped National Assembly bill number 10.

He said politics of walking out of Parliament was old fashioned and therefore should only be done as a last resort. Mr Shakafuswa said while walkouts do not amount to a breach of parliamentary practice and procedures, they deny the electorate their full representation in the National Assembly. He said Zambians who came out in big numbers on August 12, were very expectant that the current parliament would meet their expectations.

Mr Shakafuswa said he was geared to offer constructive checks and balance to the new Government. Meanwhile, Mr Shakfuswa said the high number of election petitions before the court was not inspiring. The Mandevu MP said the petitions would create unnecessary political tension in the country. The UPND has petitioned 77 parliamentary seats won by either the PF or Independents and 245 local government seats. He said the decision by the ruling UPND to petition all seats belonging to the PF would not only be a drain on national resources and the economy, but also create confusion. Mr Shakafuswa said the UPND should rescind its decision and instead focus on uniting the country

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