What happened to our generation?

What happened to our generation?

…what future are we building on our culture?

Dear Editor,

TOMORROW, I will be talking about family issues, with a touch on marriage aspects in the broader sense so that we help each other build strong marriages and family values.

Taking it from the life that I grew up with, this particular weekend gives me much hope to reflect on many life issues especially projecting on futuristic plans in many areas of peculiar interests.

If we fail to talk about family matters and the value of family then we are destroying our future generations, now that there is a total shift from the ways that we have known our family values in the past to the current levels, we seem to be losing something every day that comes up.

I’m from the family where we knew parents had no tag of distant relatives pronounced more like we are hearing it today.

We had parents who were so close to friends that actually turned out to be family without us children learning of it so openly like the happenings of today.

But nowadays, it’s all nuclear family set up, and we have many referred to as uncles and aunties, some children today can’t refer to any parent figure as much as their own parents.

We have lost it with the modern English manners, we have indeed lost our way for family love, instead we love others outside the blood family circles,

Why some families have lost trust of each other, jealous is also in families and can’t support one another.


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