NBA Management and Board must resign and face criminal charges for feeding Zambians without consent or knowledge GMO products

The National Biosafety Authority Scientific Advisory Committee Chairperson Dr. Sody Munsaka says the GMO mealie-meal from South Africa is safe.

He has also disclosed that Zambians are already consuming GMO products such as cornflakes, some soups such as Bisto, premixes, spices, some biscuits, starch, maize grit and dog food, that were assessed by the authority and the risk-assessment concluded that the products were safe.

Clearly, the Biosafety Authority Management and Board need to immediately resign.

Further, criminal negligence charges must be considered for them to allow the importation and feeding Zambians on GMO products without following the laid down procedure as provided for by the Biosafety Act of 2007.

The Act prohibits the importation of GMO products that relate to crops and livestock of national importance, which maize is.

Further, the Act provides for public consultation before GMO products are imported for the country or in transit.

The Biosafety Act No. 10 of 2007, Section 11(1) states that;

The Authority shall not grant any approval for the importation, development, production, release into the environment or placing on the market of any genetically modified organism or product of a genetically modified organisms relating to any crop or livestock of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE AND FOOD SECURITY!

Further, Section 14 obligates the Biosafety Authority to conduct public consultation and public participation.

Sect 14(1) states that the Authority shall consult the public prior to the grant of any authorisation.



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