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Covid19 rules barring journos from petition case

THE barring of journalists from covering the Chamwama Parliamentary petition is in accordance with the Judiciary Covid-19 guidelines, the press have been told.

Journalists were last Friday and on Thursday chased from covering the petition where losing UPND candidate Potiphar Tembo is challenging the election of Ms Tasila Lungu as Chawama constituency asking the Lusaka High Court to nullify the seat.
Judge Kazimbe Chenda gave orders to marshals and security personal not to allow any one including journalists in the court room.
He ordered that only the petitioner, respondents and lawyers should be in attendance.
Despite been chased last Friday, Journalists on Thursday wanted to try their luck but were chased from the court room by the marshal.
The marshal further shared with the Journalists the circular for the Judiciary Covid-19 guidelines.
One of the Covid-19 guidelines states: At any time during court proceedings, only a party (plaintiff/petitioner/defendant/ appellant/respondent), an advocate representing a party (if any) and a witness in a case being heard at the time shall be allowed in a courtroom.
The guidelines became operational in May, last year and were extended to December, 2021.
The rules are being enforced despite the government lifting restrictions.

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