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PF says good riddance to defectors

THE departure of top Patriotic Front (PF) members is regrettable but it has no bearing on the party’s fortunes, says vice president Given Lubinda.

Mr Lubinda in an interview said they had lost a number of top officials after losing the August 12 elections who had joined the ruling party.
Recently former Msanzala and Chipata Central MPs defected and were seen campaigning for the ruling party in the Kaumbwe elections which were held yesterday.

But Mr Lubinda said it was unfortunate that they had decided to find greener pastures but that their departure did not have any major impact on the party which was focused on making a comeback.
Mr Lubinda said the fact that the party had lost an individual was sad, but they were not crippled by individuals’ departure.
He said that the party was still intact and had a lot of hardworking people who had its interests at heart.

“Definitely it’s bad that some members have left for their own reasons but I can assure you that the PF is still intact and will continue growing,” Mr Lubinda. said.

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