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Lifting of the Covid 19 restrictive measures welcome

Dear editor,

The Government through the Ministry of Health last Friday lifted the Covid 19 restrictive measures. The decision was necessitated by the drastic reduction in the number of coronavirus cases.

Zambia recorded 68 Covid 19 cases and one death associated with the coronavirus on the day preceding Friday. The lifting of the restrictive measures entails that the churches, bars, restaurant and taverns can now operate freely but, with strict adherence to the health prevention measures against the coronavirus pandemic. This is a good development.

Honourable Silver Masebo, the Minister of Health said last Friday said that the Covid 19 situation in the country will continue to be monitored in one month. The lifting of the restriction is effective Saturday October 2, 2021. The restrictive measures will be revealed after one month.

Despite the lifting of the various restrictive measures, people are urged to continue adhering to the coronavirus preventive measures. These measures include among others, the following; masking up, sanitising, washing of hands with soap, maintaining social distance, avoiding overcrowded places and taking of the Covid 19 vaccines. These measures are the surest way of safeguarding ourselves against the coronavirus.

However, the health experts have advised that Zambia is expected to experience the fourth wave of the coronavirus in November which is barely a few weeks from now. The previous waves of the coronavirus have ravaged the world and Zambia in particular. This can be attested by the number of deaths recorded globally.

In my aforegone conclusion, I implore people not to relax the health prevention measures against the coronavirus pandemic in the wake of lifting of the restrictive measures against the Covid 19 disease.


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