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‘PF infighting instigated by selfish leaders’

‘PF infighting instigated by selfish leaders’


THE infighting in the Patriotic Front (PF) is being initiated by selfish leaders as a way to intimidate others into leaving the party, International Organisation For Peace and Unity director Chisenga Lwipa has said.

Rev Lwipa said it was sad that despite being out of government, some PF officials have continued sponsoring divisions in the party.

Rev Lwipa said in an interview that if such acts were not condemned, the former ruling party would be weakened to extinction.

He however said PF had more decent individuals with leadership qualities that could save it from collapse.

Rev Lwipa said what was needed now was unity and reconciliation. “Let those individuals in leadership positions be dropped. The party needs a complete overhaul by way of promoting peace and unity, PF needs a conflict resolution board and not a disciplinary board,”said Rev Lwipa.

And Rev Lwipa said a disciplinary committee was used as a tool of intimidation and destruction instead of building the party, therefore the party lost people with great potential because of such committees.

He said people who voted out PF are not UPND supporters, but PF followers who got tired of the wayward leadership, and the party can’t keep the same characters in leadership.

“There is need for all them to return to the party and rebuild it, but before President Edgar Lungu steps down let him give guidance and direction to the party as time for him to break his silence is now.” Rev Lwipa said.

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