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IT is shocking to see how President Hakainde Hichilema has started changing goal posts to deliver what he promised Zambians once voted in among which is cheaper mealie meal, PF vice president Given Lubinda has said.
Mr Lubinda said it is sad that people voted out the PF to replace it with the UPND, hoping that their livelihoods would change.
Mr Lubinda however appealed to the UPND government not to disappoint the people, but to fulfill its promises made during the August 12 general election campaigns.
In an interview, Mr Lubinda said if the UPND government fails to honour its promises, many Zambians will be disappointed because they trusted President Hichilema’s leadership.
Mr Lubinda has since called on President Hichilema to ensure that his government increases agro inputs so that the country can record a good bumper harvest and grow the economy.
And Mr Lubinda however said it was retrogressive to continuously make references on former President Edgar Lungu who willingly agreed to a power transfer.
Mr Lubinda pointed out that President Hichilema should now talk less and do more work before people who voted for him lose confidence.
He said President Hichilema should stop bragging, but to create jobs and fulfill his campaign promises especially for youths who voted for him.
He also said that the $18 million that President Hichilema got for Zambia from USAID was probably not worth the praise he gave it.
“Instead of the President giving timelines on how his US trip will result into increased jobs or reduced foreign debt he turned the press briefing into a monologue that did not rise to his poll promises.
President Hichilema promised jobs but the US report had no good news on jobs for the youth that voted him into office,” said Mr Lubinda.
And Mr Lubinda wondered why Mr Hichilema expressed worry that the PF are regrouping and rebranding the party.
He said Zambia is a democratic nation, therefore there is no need of the President to get worried about the rebranding of the former ruling party.

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