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Some words for the President

Dear Editor,

FRISTLY as African Youth Movement Zambia, we want to thank President Hakainde Hichilema and his new Dawn Government for the so many pronouncements and statements so far regards the development of this nation which is in dire need and thirsty for such. As an organisation, we can only say, thumbs up to him.

We have heard a number of serious and hope giving statements by the Head of State, statements that when put to action, we are confident the country would go to higher heights than expected.

We have heard him talk about great bilateral relations, the fight against corruption, governing with the rule of law, health issues, education and all that. I think for us, that is heart catching and we believe that it gives us an indication that we are headed in the right direction as a country.

Our worry though is the pace at which the New Dawn government is moving in pushing towards achieving these pronouncements, the pace is rather on a slower side than we hoped to see.

The President has said almost everything, he has pronounced almost everything, I think he could have finished everything from the pot of great and sweet pronouncements, which is good.

However, the nation is anxious, the nation wants to see at least some steps being made to a direction where we are assured of seeing results beyond the talk.

We are eager as citizens to see President Bally to start showing us some indication of motion towards ending political violence, some steps towards ending cadres from being involved in markets and bus station business.

We are hungry to see movements towards stabilising prices of goods and services especially the food basket, the desperation by Zambians is basically higher to see Bally and his Government start making emminent steps towards governing through the rule of law unlike what is obtaining on the ground.

We are aware of some sections of society that say Bally and his New Dawn government need time to settle before they could actualise their agenda on the nation.

We beg to differ on that score because every opposition political party is a ruling party in waiting meaning they are ready to Govern at any given time hence their preparedness is obviously assured. So we see no reason why we must be talking about settling down when we have a man who has run businesses successfully as our driver.

It is the desire therefore of the African Youth Movement Zambia to see President Hichilema be in the mode of delivering to the many promises against being on the talking gear.

We sincerely ask him and his Government to look at the plight of the many Zambians whose tomorrow is obviously dependent on his Government.


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