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Zambia fertile ground for investment

Zambia fertile ground for investment


IMPERIAL Motors Zambia Limited has launched the all-new Nissan Navara, as it  declares Zambia fertile ground for investment.

The new pickup delivers an enhanced level of safety, comfort and driving pleasure, while continuing to bring durability, reliability and versatility that it was known for.

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This is according to Imperial Motors Zambia Limited Chairman, Tim Jaques.

Speaking during the launch of Nissan Navara, Mr Jaques said over the decades since the first Nissan pickup hit the road, the Navara had continued to accompany and empower customers in many facets of their lives.

He said building on more than 85 years of Nissan pickup heritage, the new Nissan Navara represents the pinnacle of years experience in building tough reliable pickup.

Mr Jaques said the amiable reception given to his firm from day one makes Zambia the place to stay. 

He said Imperial Motors Zambia Limited would continue investing not only in growth projects but in in Zambian people as well. 

“We believe in Zambia, we believe in where Zambia is going and that is why we will continue to invest here,” Mr Jacques said.

He said  his firm was willing to collaborate with the new administration to make Zambia a hub of vehicle assembling in the near future.

Mr Jacques also said they continue creating jobs for Zambians through its primary and secondary networks of supply chains.

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