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Dear Editor,

I HAVE a firm passion and well-grounded in[1]terest for the agricul[1]ture sector, all because my father is a full time farm[1]er, and he does farming all the time spanning 365 days, with so much passion, deter[1]mination and dedications to his balance of energy. However, this affirms my total and passionate commit[1]ment, as I speak strongly on the importance and benefits of farming activities at all dif[1]ferent levels. At most I like talking about the entire agri[1]culture sector’s policy frame[1]work as a whole, which might as well be needing some levels of quality, consistency and sta[1]bility. The investment in agricul[1]ture does not take much to do the actual undertaking, so it is imperative that Zambia should strongly gravitate steady policy efforts to this particular sector, as it can promote and bring huge economic benefits into our national coffers. Agriculture if taken serious[1]ly can change the scales of pro[1]ductivity for Zambia. Agriculture from time in memorial has always been a very lucrative sector but the problem in Africa is that it is taken up when someone is almost old especially after re[1]tirement from either public or private sector. The foregoing should change to start embracing robust models of agriculture adapta[1]tions especially incorporating it in the school curriculum from early stages right through into tertiary education. KELVIN CHISANGA.

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