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POLICE have instituted investigations in the case involving Kafue Council Chairperson, Buumba Malambo, in a matter she is alleged to have made tribal remarks prior to the August 2021 elections.

Police spokesperson Rae Malambo in an interview confirmed that they had received a report from National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita last week.

He said that they had started investigating the matter concerning Ms Malambo when she was campaigning for the Kafue Chairperson seat ahead of the August elections.

Mr Hamoonga said that no one was above the law and that they would get to the bottom of the matter.

‘’There are no sacred cows and the police are going to remain professional in dispensing justice in the country,’’ he said. 

He said they had delayed a bit because they initially did not know the name of the person that reported but that they had determined and instituted investigations.

Mr Hamoonga said that no one was above the law and that all those that would be found wanting would be dealt with regardless of the political affiliation.

‘’What I can assure you is that the police will not spare anyone regardless of them belonging to the ruling or opposition party, because no one is above the law,’’ he said.

Ms Malambo is facing a similar case as PF member Chishimba Kambwili who was reported by the some members of the public for allegedly  using tribal remarks when he was campaigning in the Kaumbwe constituency elections.

But both individuals have separately but vehemently denied the charges and said they had been cleared of any wrong doing by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

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