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Dear Editor,

THE nauseous culture of appointing political party stooges to be controlling officers of ministries and spending agencies must be condemned by all.

This is the mother of corruption, hegemonism and systematic annihilation of others. It’s the source of disunity.

Zambians have been yearning for a government that will professionalise the civil service and security wings.

Our nation has some of the most highly educated, talented, innovative, creative and experienced civil servants who have served our nation with integrity. Clearly, these men and women deserve promotions and given the chance, resources and policy space, they can transform our republic.

We take a leaf from the attached quote, “Public officers are the trustees and servants of the people who are at all times amenable to them,” in the Tennessee Governor’s office (taken during our study tour in USA, 2012).  Public officers are our collective human assets irrespective of our political afflictions. Thus, appoint “politicians” to policy positions and civil servants to public administrative positions.

No doubt, political party operatives have no clue on steering the civil service machinery. The recycled ones too have no clue on the many new systems that have been introduced in the civil service over the years.

It’s now very clear that the New Stealth Government is a one-term party in office. It’s like they were not ready to govern on day one. It’s common knowledge that the first 100 days in office always determine how any government will end.

The people of Zambia must prepare for more hardships starting from 2022, after all, the “someone to blame” rhetoric has become the new strategy to run away from taking responsibility.


UPP leader.

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