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Creating jobs: My submission

Dear Editor,

I HOLD a view that to create jobs, we need to create new businesses. To create new businesses we need to create demand for the available products and services.

Currently, the taxes for workers and businesses are so stressful both to the individuals as well as to the businesses. The high taxes are a sure way for Government to get enough funds for its operations.

These taxes are so high such that the people and businesses don’t pay them as they should. They instead evade these taxes just for them to remain with change to take home.

Considering that our tax base is very small, this obviously means that the population that pay taxes is a small population compared to the population that has to be serviced by the same taxes. The government buying population is small.

For the government to strategically broaden the tax base, they must try to tap into regional markets leveraged by our geographical position.  How do they do that?

The President’s visit to Congo DR should be followed up with similar trips to Malawi, Zimbabwe etc.

The government can also broaden the scope of who follows the President on these trips. The President can invite business leaders from the private sector as well as government departments.

The idea is for the government to facilitate for Zambian businesses to invest in the regional markets to grow the demand for our locally produced goods and services.

Once the demand for our products grow, our production will also grow and this will interpret into more production time and manpower. This could lead to more jobs and revenue for the country.

I am not an economist, just a citizen with an opinion.


(courtesy of Facebook).

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