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RESIDENTS of Freedom Ward in Livingstone have pleaded with the new dawn administration to consider completing the construction of Shungu Namutitima Boarding School.

The construction at  near 60 percent completion infrastructure have stalled since 2017 to date.

On Friday, the residents held a peaceful protest at the site over the delayed completion of the school with a view getting government’s attention.

Ms Margaret Matakala, a resident of Mundolobela township   said the school was of great value to the people of freedom ward and Livingstone in general.

“We are appealing to the government to consider completing this school. It is long overdue. As a community, we were happy when the project started but now we are disappointed that it has taken long to be completed,” she said.

“We are shocked that the PF government failed to finish this project which is beneficial to us as people of Mundolobela community in freedom ward. So, we are asking President Hakainde Hichilema’s government to complete this project because our children are attending boarding schools outside Livingstone when this school is here,” Ms Matakala said.

Mr Munji Siankali another resident said it was disheartening that such beautiful facility was left to worst.

“We are in limbo, the status of the school is a concern to us. It is a pity that up to now, we are still talking about requesting for the completion of the school when in fact this school was supposed to be completed five years ago,” Mr Siankali observed.

“This time around we could have been talking about building roads not completion of the school. The previous regime that was there did not show much commitment to complete the school and this school was initiated under the vision of President Michael Sata,” he said.

Mr Siankali was hopeful that the school will be completed using part of the Constituency Development Fund which has been increased from K1.6million to K25.7 million.

“There are a number of benefits associated with the school if it is to be opened because it is a boarding school. Children in this area walk long distances to go acquire secondary school education but if it is completed and running, then that will be an issue of the past,” he explained.

And Councillor, Lackson Mumba said, it was unfortunate that the works have stalled resulting in the facility becoming a grey elephant.

“”We are here to appreciate this building that has become a grey elephant for freedom ward for a long time. This school was started in 2014 up to date and  it is not complete which has made us so  concerned,” he said.

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