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THERE is nothing to warrant lifting of former President Edgar Lungu’s immunity but UPND will not hesitate to table its removal before parliament if it is discovered that he committed atrocities against the citizens or economic crimes, UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has said.

Mr Mweetwa however, said that currently, the ruling party was not sponsoring any petitions to remove President Lungu’s immunity.

He said in an interview that the law provided for lifting of a former Presidents’ immunity if it was found that they did certain things beyond the restrictions of the law.

Mr Mweetwa said the UPND had the numbers to put the said law into good use if wrongdoing on the part of President Lungu was discovered.

“We do not have to sponsor anyone, we have the numbers in Parliament to lift President Lungu’s immunity if it was found that he did certain things beyond the restrictions of the law,” he said.

Mr Mweetwa said UPND was different from PF because it was doing decent and honest politics.

He wondered why the ruling party could be said to have sponsored its members and other organisations to start orchestrating a crusade calling for the lifting of Mr Lungu’s immunity when the party had the numbers to remove the immunity through parliament.

“It is not on the UPND agenda as the ruling party and government are concerned about the economic challenges affecting the people. The war the government is waging is against poverty and that it is where most of the energy is going,” said Mr Mweetwa. He however said lifting of President Lungu’s immunity cannot be ruled out for wrongdoing if found.

Mr Mweetwa said for now, UPND had no agenda of lifting President Lungu’s immunity.

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