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Is Gulfstream for sale or not, asks Mpombo


THE new dawn government should come clean if they have backtracked on the sale of the presidential jet, says veteran politician George Mpombo.

UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said recently that the government was making consultations on whether to sell or keep the Presidential jet.

Mr. Mpombo who is former Defence Minister said the UPND administration should tell the nation the clear position on the sale of the Gulf Stream plane because President Hakainde Hichilema when in opposition indicated that the jet was a wasteful investment.

He said the new dawn government should indicate without fear of backlash from Zambians if they have u-turned on the campaign promise of selling the Presidential jet because it’s not in the national interest to subject the head of State to using unsafe planes.

“So what we are saying is can they tell us exactly the current status, people are worried, they want to know the position because of the government’s situation of backtracking. It’s critical for them to quickly come out and explain what is going on in view of the broken promises,” he said.

He stated that the UPND administration has u-turned on several campaign promises among them cutting down on Presidential overseas trips.

Mr. Mpombo added that the new dawn government has also backtracked on the promise to scrap the position of district commissioner whom they described during campaigns as economic vampires and parasites who were feeding on the little national resources. 

“They also said that they were going to make sure they create a career civil service by appointing people with a strong pedigre,  highly qualified people now that has changed, we are seeing ordinary party officials with no knowledge being plugged from nowhere to be appointed permanent secretaries,” Mr. Mpombo said.

He has urged the UPND administration to keep the nation abreast regarding the scorecard in terms of their many campaign promises.\

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