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Musenge calls for lifestyle audit

Musenge calls for lifestyle audit
A LIFESTYLE audit is critical as the new dawn government embarks on a path to fight corruption among public officials, former NDC national secretary Mwenya Musenge has said.
Mr Musenge said a lifestyle audit would help to expose corrupt public officials who might be illegally amassing wealth.

He said in an interview that during first republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s reign, a lifestyle audit was prudent and effectively implemented to ensure that public officials lived within their means.

Mr Musenge said the ministers who worked in Dr Kaunda’s government were able to account for what they acquired while in office.

He said corruption among public officials was unheard of during the time of Dr Kaunda.
Mr Musenge said with the way the new day government had inherited a broken down economy, a lifestyle audit going forward was imperative.

He said it was questionable that some public officials have become so rich and leading extravagant lives when the country was limping.
“The government is broke but most civil servants are extremely rich. Where are they getting the money? How have they become so rich?” he said.

Mr Musenge said the firm stance President Hakainde Hichilema had taken against corruption should continue and be coupled with a lifestyle audit.
He said there were always bad eggs in government who might be working against the system and end up doing the opposite of what the government was preaching.

“A lifestyle audit is the way to go,” said Mr Musenge.
And Mr Musenge called on government to break cartels that had been created to solely benefit from government contracts and services.

Mr Musenge said Government must break the cartels that had been created to ensure that all Zambians benefit from public contracts.

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