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A FORMER convict has been nabbed at Kasama Girls Secondary School after he was caught fondling his manhood in front of Grade eight pupils. The pupils spooked by the man’s activities informed the teachers who later reported to the police who quickly pounced on him.

By the time the police arrived, the angry mob had pounced on him and almost lynched him before being whisked away. This comes barely a week before another pervert, Pethias Mulenga, a local businessman was caught taking pictures of pupils as they were taking their morning bath.

Ms Deborah Mukupo, a teacher said she was alerted by the pupils and that she saw him fondling his manhood and that after he noticed that he had been found tried to flee but that he was nabbed before he could escape. “The grade eights are the ones that alerted me that there is a man showing us his manhood I followed them only to find the pervert with his pants down,” she said.

And head teacher Fallacy Mumbi said the management would not sit idle and called for the girls to be calm and not to be intimidated by the perverts. And Kasama Mayor Theresa Kolala said the girls should not be disturbed and that justice would prevail as the two culprits had been brought to book. “Do not worry about anything because the police are here and the culprit has been arrested and we are going to ensure that your safety comes first,” she said.

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