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.. as Akafumba still NDC faction leader despite  being appointed Home Affairs PS


UNCERTAINTY has gripped the Joseph Akafumba led NDC faction after his appointment by President Hakainde Hichilema as the new Home Affairs permanent secretary.

Mr Akafumba who is leader of one  NDC faction, said he was still the leader but that the party would next week decide the way forward for the party.

He said that he could not give any clear statement until he was sworn in as the new Home Affairs permanent secretary.

‘’Right now, I just heard I was appointed and I don’t want to say much about the status of the party until we meet with the members,’’ he said.

Meanwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Charles Kabwita said Mr Akafumba needed to stop pocking his nose in the affairs of the NDC now that he was a civil servant.

Mr Kabwita said that Mr Akafumba was not to be trusted because he had left his friends hanging after only he received an appointment.

He said the likes of Jordan Maliti who had worked hard in insulting him and their faction leader Saboi Imboela, had been left in the cold as they had not been given appointments.

‘’I want to commend the head of state for appointing Mr Akafumba, maybe he can stop giving us problems by pocking in the affairs of the party even after he had been expelled from the organisation,’’ he said.

Mr Kabwita said he however felt sorry for others that rallied behind Mr Akafumba because they were betrayed by their leader who did not fight for their cause but his personal interests.

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