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PF general conference debate heats up

PF general conference debate heats up


MORE Patriotic Front (PF) members have opposed the holding of the general conference before the end of this year.

A PF member, Mr Njoya Tembo said the party has a lot of cleaning up before going for the general conference to elect a new President.

Mr Tembo, who is former PF Feira constituency parliamentary aspirant, said there is a lot of rot which need to be addressed.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Tembo said the party even has provincial chairpersons and other officials who lost elections at parliamentary level and they need to be replaced by energetic people.

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He said it’s clear that officials who lost elections are not popular on the ground and need to be done away with.

“Let’s not rush for a convention as a party. Have we done an introspection after losing the August 12, 2021 elections before we go for this convention? 

Eastern Province Information and Publicity Secretary William Phiri said it will be premature to go for a general conference.

Mr Phiri there is need for the party to re-organise itself before holding the general elections.

PF Lusaka Province secretary Mwenya Matafwali objected to the claims by Mr Phiri. Mr Matafwali said the party need to go for a general conference this year so that it can have a leader who will manage its affairs.

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