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Police must probe all cases, ruling and opposition alike


ALL criminal activities perpetuated since 2015 including the arson and assault which forced villagers out of Namwala must be brought to the attention of the police so that justice can prevail irrespective of who the perpetrators are, New Hope MMD president Nevers Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba said perpetrators of all criminal activities including those who burnt down a village in Namwala should be prosecuted and where compensation was due after adjudication in the courts of law, it must be given.

He said the backdated prosecutions must fish out all criminals whether people involved were ruling party members or not.
“It should not be politics at this time,” Dr Mumba said in an interview.

He said if there was any criminal case that was not justly handled, it must be brought to the attention of the police so that justice could prevail.
Dr Mumba welcomed prosecution of anyone who could have offended the people of Zambia or the state.

He said whatever criminality even by politicians that had occurred since 2015 must be punishable.
“Zambians must take advantage of the backdated prosecution because there was noting that stopped any citizen lodging a complaint with the police,” said Dr Mumba.

Dr Mumba also urged Zambians to stop being victims but be in the forefront of fighting for their rights and for justice to prevail at all times.
He said if there was any case that any Zambian knows that was not justly handled, let them go to the police and report and that if the docket was already there, the police must look at it again.

Dr Mumba urged citizens to help the police to ensure that justice prevails in all criminal matters whether it involved the ruling party or not.

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