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HH challenged to name ruling party funded by state coffers

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema must name the ruling party which was being funded using State coffers to avoid speculation, Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) executive director Zebedy Lukwesa has said.
This follows President Hichilema’s announcement that other parties in the past were sponsored using State coffers and that it had a huge toll on the central government as huge amounts were channeled to party activities.

Mr Lukwesa said the allegation was too serious for the President to leave it to speculation on which party was being funded using public money.

He said President Hichilema should reveal which government he was talking about to avoid speculation.

Mr Lukwesa said as it was, most people would conclude that President Hichilema was talking about the immediate past government when there were other governments before it.

“We had UNIP and MMD before PF so the President could have been talking about the two but because PF is the immediate past Government, everyone in this case will think HH was talking about them,” he said.

Mr Lukwesa said owing to the fact that the President could have been talking about other Governments other than PF, there was need to specify whom he was talking about.

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He said it would be unfair for the PF to be ridiculed over some fraudulent acts it did not commit if not it was not the one being referred to.
Mr Lukwesa said for fairness’ sake and considering the intensity of the allegation, it was prudent for the Head of State to name the Government he was referring to.

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