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Police still probing Lawrence Banda killing


INVESTIGATIONS into the killing of Mr Lawrence Banda in Kaoma during the 2019 by-elections have continued, Police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga has said.

Mr Hamoonga was reacting to former PF member, Francis Muchemwa who has asked police to clear his name because some people still think he had something to do with Mr Banda’s death.

In a recent interview, Mr Muchemwa disclosed that he was afraid of being attacked because  some people have failed to believe that he had nothing to do with the death as he was nursing his son at the time in South Africa and Zambia.

Mr Muchemwa was reacting to Police Inspector General Lemmy Kajoba’s announcement that the police would reopen old cases some dating as far back as 2015 to bring them to their logical conclusion.

Mr Hamoonga in an interview said that the police would not divulge the details of the matter but that they had instituted investigations.

“What I can say is that the IG made it clear and we are investigating the matter but it will be premature for us to give out the details of our investigations,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said that Police would come to the bottom of the matter and ensure that justice prevailed.

And in welcoming the announcement by Mr Kajoba, Mr Muchemwa, said this was the only lifeline for him to be finally cleared of a terrible accusation. Mr Muchemwa has been living in self-exile since the UPND ascended to power for fear of his life after its cadres started attacking their counterparts in PF believed to have committed wrongs, whether verified or not.

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