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‘Probe teachers’ fake recruitment’

‘Probe teachers’ fake recruitment’
REVELATIONS that 1, 500 teachers received fake appointment letters should trigger an urgent inquiry in the matter, the National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has said.
NAQEZ executive director Aaron Chansa says he does not believe that all the 1, 500 teachers can have fake appointment letters.
In an interview, Mr Chansa however, said he is not surprised that such issues could come out now because the whole process had taken long and dragged.
He has since called on the authorities to quickly engage the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to ensure that culprits are brought to book.
Mr Chansa also said if the matter was true, some people behind that would have been arrested as that was a criminal offence.
Mr Chansa alleged that a lot of things happened dubiously during the process and called for transparency in everything.
He has since called on the police to expedite investigations in the matter so that the truth can be established especially on the people who signed the letters.
Meanwhile, TSC Secretary, Zachariah Luhanga said investigations have revealed that the 1, 500 teachers who were recently recruited by government, but are not on the payroll, have fake appointments letters.
Mr Luhanga said the investigations which are not yet been concluded are being undertaken by the TSC.
He said the matter has since been reported to the police who are also investigating in various parts of the country.

He has since called on all those, who have letters of appointment to report to the Ministry of Education or the TSC to have them verified.

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