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Avoid shoddy works from cheap contracts, govt cautioned

Avoid shoddy works from cheap contracts, govt cautioned
THE new dawn government risks constructing substandard infrastructure with their appetite for cheap construction projects, Diamond Construction Company consultant Golden Chama has said.

Mr Chama said Government should ensure that it prioritises quality even as it embarks on a journey to seek cheap bids for infrastructure projects.
He said in as much as curbing overpricing of projects was imperative, there was also need for Government to avoid shoddy works as they also waste taxpayers’ money.
Mr Chama however, urged the government to start bringing local contractors on board if the country’s resources were to remain locally.
He said the government should also ensure that before contracts for a particular project were awarded to any contractor, funds for the project were readily available.
“It is frustrating that most of the contracts in the former regime, contractors abandoned their sites due to non-payment for the projects,” Mr Chama said.
He said in the past a number of contracts were given out without due care and attention to whether there were sufficient resources to back them.
He said the country should not reach a situation where the government starts suspending some projects, as doing so badly affected the contractors and communities that were going to benefit from the projects.
“Although road projects could be expensive, Government should also take into account that Zambia needs quality road infrastructure and we commend the UPND government of being committed to reducing the cost of construction in the country,” said Mr Chama.

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