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Socialist Party Presidential candidate Fred M’membe is daydreaming by claiming that he is going to win the August 12 elections because he has issues over the heartless treatment he meted to former President Frederick Chiluba, and his own role in tax avoidance and the Zambian Airways case in court.

And Chishimba Kambwili said Dr M’membe should tone down as he was too new on the political scene to start positioning himself as the next President of Zambia.

He said in an interview that claims by Dr M’membe that the Patriotic Front (PF) was gripped with fear over elections were mere wishes.

“Fred M’membe has just come on the political scene and he says he is going to win the elections, we respect his opinion and opinions are not facts, that is wishful thinking,” he said.

Mr Kambwili advised Dr M’membe to separate mere talk from political reality because, in politics, the two mean totally different things.

The former National Democratic Party (NDC) leader however said he respects Dr M’membe’s opinion that he would win the elections because it was his entitlement.

He said in politics there was a lot of dreaming and Dr M’membe was doing just that by putting up billboards as the incoming President of Zambia.

“All you do when people talk is respect their opinion but opinions are not the fact, that is why it is called an opinion, it is his opinion but I can tell him that political reality and talking are two different things on the political scene and can never equal,” he said.

Meanwhile, PF Lusaka Province Chairperson Kennedy Kamba said Zambians cannot for vote for Dr M’membe who has failed to come out clean on the K14 million Zambian Airways loan debacle and his defunct newspaper’s tax evasion case.

Mr Kamba has challenged Dr M’membe to explain to the Zambians the role he played in the K15 million Zambian Airways loan debacle than making hallucinations about the PF.

He charged that Dr M’membe should stop hallucinating and his claims that PF was finished is just meant to please his foreign sponsors

Mr Kamba said Dr M’membe and other opposition political leaders must tell their sponsors the truth that the ruling party was too strong for them.

PF, he said, was headed for victory in the August 12 elections.

Mr Kamba said, therefore, that Dr M’membe should not waste time hallucinating but should quickly admit that he was headed for embarrassing defeat.

His remarks follow reports on one of the Daily tabloids quoting, Dr M’membe as saying the PF was finished and that he was there to offer quality leadership.

But Mr Kamba told the Daily Nation that while it was not a crime to be ambitious, it was important for the Socialist Party President to face reality in order avoid depression.

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