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Rebrand Kambwili


IF the PF want Chishimba Kambwili to take over as party president, they should prepare him to be anticipatory, visionary and be creative in his strategies, veteran politician KateleKalumba has said.

Dr Kalumba said Dr Kambwili must be made to understand that the general membership was with him and he was their leader.

He said former President Michael Sata was a great leader because he was anticipatory, visionary and creative in his strategies.


“If you want Kambwili to be a leader, he must understand that you are with him, he is your leader, he has a vision, he is anticipatory and creative in his strategies,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said if the party wanted the likes of Dr Kambwili to lead them, then there was need to start preparing him for that role and other future endeavours.

He also said that he was also disappointed with the utterances attributed to ShiwangánduMember of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo who insisted that the next PF president should only come from the current crop of MPs and nowhere else. 

Dr Kalumba said that the claims by Mr Kampyongo were wrong and that it defeated the whole purpose of democracy as he was a good example when he beat the likes of Dr Vernon Mwaangafor the post of MMD national secretary.

“I want to disagree with Mr Kampyongo over his statements that they will only usher in a person who is a serving MP because there were other potential leaders who were not in parliament,” Dr Kalumba said.

And Dr Kalumba warned PF that it will be very hard for it to bounce back because they lack unity which the ruling UPND possessed when they were in the opposition fighting to form government.

Dr Kalumba, who held various portfolios in the MMD regime, said without reconciliation and unity, the former ruling party was going nowhere.

He said the current confusion that has rocked PF would make it difficult for the party to bounce back and that this was what made the UPND win the August 12 general elections.

Dr Kalumba said that it was pointless for people to insult each other at this point and called on leaders of MMD, PF, NDC and FDD to unite for a common cause.

He said that the ongoing wrangles in the PF were weakening the party because they did not have unity of purpose which was needed to forge ahead and that the ruling party had mastered this craft.

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