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I HAVE lung cancer which has taken a toll on my health that is why I’m calling on Zambians to remain united, says former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba.

Dr Kalumba said that his health was deteriorating but that he was saddened by the divisions that were going on in the Patriotic Front and the country at large.

He said there was need to work together for the betterment of the country as it was going on a wrong trajectory.

Dr Kalumba said had tried to call President Hakainde Hichilema several times to tell him on certain things but his calls have gone unanswered.

“I have lung cancer and I just have a few years left and I’m not even taking medication,  justwaiting for my time to come,” Dr Kalumba.

He said that he would not be there in 2026 due to the cancer but he was optimistic that the PF will find a lasting solution to their woes.

Dr Kalumba said he had run his race despite the fact that most people had insulted him on several occasions for crimes which he had been cleared of.

“My plea is that Zambians should live peacefully regardless of their tribe.  Personally, I have married a Lozi woman because we are all Zambians,” he said.

Dr Kalumba also urged people not to insult those from the Southern Province but to coexist as one just like late President Kenneth Kaunda preached.

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